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Cruises transport you into an entirely different world. You're on a moving island, surrounded by water. Everywhere you go there are activities, food, and more. All of this, as you prepare to journey to different parts of the world. Every cruise is a once in a lifetime adventure.

Yet before your cruise begins, you have to figure out logistics. You have to figure out how to get there from the airport. You have to travel with all of your luggage. You have to make sure there is room for everyone in the vehicle. You also have to get there on time.

Sigma Limo offers customizable luxury Port Canaveral limo transportation services. We have a high end fleet of vehicles and the best chauffeurs. Book with us today to reserve your spot.

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Ride in Style to Port Canaveral in Luxury Cars

Limos are luxury transportation. They're used by VIPs to travel to any location in style and comfort. Any time you use a limousine, you'll love the experience.

But there is more to limousines than their luxury. Limousines have advantages that few other forms of transportation have. Limousines:

Limousines are timely. They can pick you up exactly when you need to be picked up. They're able to wait for you when you need them to. Then they can take you to your next destination.

Limousines also make transportation better. There are no short ways to travel to or from Port Canaveral. Limos make the process of transportation an enjoyable part of your trip. Every limo is an experience that is worth remembering.

Port Canaveral to/from Airport Limo Transportation

Port Canaveral is one of the busiest cruise lines in the US. Cruises from Port Canaveral travel to dozens of locations around the world. It is the launching point for all of the major cruise lines. People travel from all over the United States and abroad for these cruises.

That means that many people fly to get to Port Canaveral. But the nearest public airports are located in Orlando – 45 miles away. Orlando International Airport (MCO) is by far the most common landing spot. Everyone that lands in MCO needs a way to get to Port Canaveral.

Limos are essentially a luxury shuttle. They can take you from MCO to Port Canaveral and back. There is no wait time like a taxi or uber. There is always room for your luggage. You can fit any size group in a limo. Best of all, you get privacy. You can enjoy your time together the entire time you travel.

Other Airports to Port Canaveral

Orlando International Airport is the busiest of the Port Canaveral Airports. But it is not the only one. This area has both commercial and general aviation airports throughout Central Florida. We serve all major airports in the region. The following are airports we service and their distance from Port Canaveral:

Private jets. Commercial Aircraft. No matter how you travel, Sigma Limo is the top choice for Orlando to Port Canaveral.

Disney World, Downtown to/from Port Canaveral

Limos are also useful for those disembarking from cruises. There are some cruises that give you time in Orlando. Your cruise may also not be the end of your journey. Once you've left your cruise liner, get picked up by our private limo services. Let us take you the next place you need to go.

Port Canaveral is located within an hour from most Orlando sights. Once you've left the limo, you can have your driver take you to:

You can travel to a hotel. Or to an airport. Or take a ride from Port Canaveral to Disney World. Our transportation services make it possible to get to your next destination from anywhere.

Everything on Port Canaveral Cruise Lines

Port Canaveral is home to many of the world's leading cruise lines. That's what makes it such an important hub for travel. The cruise lines that are based out of Port Canaveral include:

Within these cruise lines are dozens of different boats. Many travel to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Haiti, Jamaica, and more.

Our Luxury Fleet for Port Canaveral Limo Transportation

It tends to be a long drive to and from Port Canaveral. Sigma Limo makes it our mission to get you where you need to be in style and luxury. Our fleet of vehicles includes:

All of our vehicles are at the height of luxury. We know that you expect the best from your limo. Sigma Limo provides you with that, along with our professional trained drivers.

You need transportation. All transportation has costs. Limos are a surprisingly affordable way to travel with a large group. We can keep all your luggage. We customize your trip. We stay with you as long as you need us. You get all of this with luxury, comfort, space, and privacy.

There is no better way to travel than with a limo. There is no smarter way to travel either. Let us take you to or from the Port Canaveral terminal. Contact Sigma Limo today to schedule your trip and reserve your luxury vehicle.

Visiting Port Canaveral? Here is Quick Guide!

You may need activities to do before or after your cruise. One of the advantages of being on a limo is that we can take you to all of them. For visitors, disembark and see the city. For those that arrive early, have fun long before your journey.

Attractions Around Port Canaveral Cruises

Most activities are found up the coast or in Orlando. But there are activities near Port Canaveral. Most are in Cape Canaveral and the surrounding towns. These activities include:

  • Victory Casino Cruises
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Manatee Sanctuary Park
  • Cherie Down Park
  • Exploration Tower
  • The Savannahs Golf Course

We can be your Cape Canaveral limo. Or we can take you into Orlando and the farther out cities. There are activities for adults, kids, and more. You let us know what you want to do, we'll schedule it in.

Hotels Around Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral has several hotels surrounding it. There are also several more if you venture further into Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. Some of the hotels around Port Canaveral to consider include:

  • Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront
  • Discovery Beach Resort
  • SeaGlass Inn (Melbourne Beach)
  • Homewood Suites
  • Port d’Hiver Bed and Breakfast (Melbourne Beach)

Some of these are still a fair distance away. There are several 3 star chain hotels that are also popular. Best Western, Courtyard by Marriot, and Four Points by Sheraton are all in the area.

Restaurants Around Port Canaveral

Food is also going to be important. There are several restaurants in Cape Canaveral to consider. Most are inexpensive. The cuisine varies considerably in region and taste. Some restaurants that are popular include:

  • Zarrella's Italian and Wood Fired Pizza
  • Vargas Café
  • Thai Thai III
  • Papa Vito's Italian Restaurant
  • Rising Tide Tap and Table

As always, your taste will play a role in determining the best choice. There are also many coffee shops and dessert shops in the area. You may want to consider:

  • Café Monte Carlo
  • Juice and Java Café (Cocoa Beach)
  • Bagel 13
  • Ossorio Bakery and Café

As with most cities in Florida, there are plenty of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts as well.

As always, your taste will play a role in determining the best choice. There are also many coffee shops and dessert shops in the area. You may want to consider:

  • Café Monte Carlo
  • Juice and Java Café (Cocoa Beach)
  • Bagel 13
  • Ossorio Bakery and Café

As with most cities in Florida, there are plenty of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts as well.

Finally, you may also be interested in nightlife. Around Cape Canaveral, you can find several bars and nightlife options. These include:

  • Preacher Bar
  • Kennedy's Lamp Post Tavern
  • Coaster's Taphouse
  • Jump's Tiny Tavern

The further you're willing to go from Port Canaveral, the more options you'll find. Cape Canaveral is a small city. But Florida has many busy and fun coastal cities. Those that have time to spare may want to be more adventurous. If you are able to go to Orlando, you'll find hundreds of activities and eateries.

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Sigma Limo serves Central Florida. We provide limo services that are made for every one of our clients. We encourage you to give us a call today. You'll find that our quotes are competitive with other transportation. Yet the level of luxury you will receive will be second to none.

Let Sigma Limo turn transportation problems into transportation triumphs. Contact us today via the form on our website. We'll get you a no obligation quote as soon as possible.

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